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How to retain and re-engage your e-Commerce website customers

Customer acquisition – the fundamental element for all businesses to operate, for undeniably, there can be no business without customers. Companies go to great extents to grow sales and increase revenues. Sales executives are given targets to reach to bring in new customers. Nevertheless, most companies fail to understand that retaining your
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Mobile Marketing Strategies - Have You Got Your Facts Right?

As mobile technology transformed over the years, numerous mobile marketing concepts and theories came and were wiped out. In the early stages, marketers believed that mobile marketing was just a modified version of web strategy on desktops. But when they realized that people interacted with their mobile devices in a manner completely different
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Why We Started Using Drupal Framework For Our Platform

There has always been this debate whether Drupal was built for the publishers or the developers out there. With some complexities under the hood, many argue that Drupal framework is primarily for the publishers, and you find a lot of developers complaining abut the way Drupal works.
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Choosing Your E-Commerce Platform - You Have Been Doing It Wrong the Whole Time

Yes it is important that you pick a platform based on what your e-commerce business needs right now. But that is not it! The platform you pick should also be able to support and stay in parallel with your future goals, visions and innovations you have in store for your business.
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