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Programmatic Marketing - An approach for Real Time Digital Advertising

Have you ever taken part in an auction? If yes, you are definitely one of those people with a lot of patience, because auctions usually tend to run for a very long duration. What if I told you about an auction that gets over in about the same time you blink your eyes once, or maybe twice? That is what Programmatic marketing is all about. Widely
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Top 7 Drupal Web Design Trends for 2017

"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning." - Albert Einstein.

The recent evolution in the web design trends truly justifies the words of one of the greatest scientists of all times! Learning from the ideas of yesterday, we have paved a long way in today’s digital world.
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Market Intelligence - How Does It Affect Your Business?

The Businesses of today's world, where information is more readily available than ever before, can grow or break based on their marketing decisions. With everything, ranging from information on market trends to information on product development, available at the click of a mouse on the internet, business owners and product managers need to
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Things To Know Before Building A Lead Generation Strategy

When was the last time you felt that digital marketing has not undergone any evolution with respect to the technologies used? On the same lines, there is one thing that has always been constant in digital marketing, i.e its transformation.

What was a go-to practice a few months back, may very well be forgotten by the end of this year,
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