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Web analysts have found that nearly 70% of users do not go beyond the first page of SERP. The daunting task is appearing in the first ten listing of the SERP among a sea of similar global solution providers. The question is not about how to make it to the first page but how to arrive at and retain that coveted position for long? SEO and SMM appear as minstrel angels that have been in the reckoning for quite some time now.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) works by enhancing the ability of a website to appear in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) which is brought to fruition in an organized way. A business can benefit through it in a number of ways. More customers take notice of the brand and this outreach becomes successful through this endeavor. Many leads can prospectively be converted through this structured approach. E-commerce becomes viable through this too.

Social Media marketing is the latest in the foray of Search Engine businesses with the banding by Google alongside its prized possession Google Plus. And because of this newest update that clubs together Social Media with Search Engine Optimization, a brand making its presence known in the online world should irrevocably be attuned with the social media giants.

SpecBee’s Capabilities
A Prelude to Success

There have been a lot of factors influencing the new terracotta warriors of the Search Engine industry- spiders. Thanks to the newest update of the Google algorithm (Google Penguin update 2014), times have already changed. Everybody on the web designing front is talking about Social Signals and how they eke out the mannerisms of a Search Engine.

Enchanting businesses with a number of strategies has become the name of the game. This has led to an outcrop of SEO companies with black hat practices as the means to the end offering cheap SEO services. SpecBee has long standing and credibility as a website optimization company delivering organic SEO services and SEO Consulting expertise. Our guaranteed SEO services are strictly white hat and ethical.

As Search Engine Optimization service providers and being bracketed in the league of SEO expert India, we thrive on the challenge of optimizing a website for SEO, SMM, increased speed, ease of use, compatibility with all internet based devices, directing traffic flow, etc. There is however, no one solution fits all. SpecBee neither guesses nor speculates but relies on analytics, in-depth understanding of the business and past experience as providers of SEO service India to arrive at proactively optimized solutions for assured results.

Why SEO and SMM is required

Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) have become increasingly endearing to businesses as they are perceptive about their magical powers. Considered the new-age marketing tool and the neurons of business operations they are the pixie dust needed by all businesses with a website to their name to operate on the same footing in a DO or Die scenario. SEO and SMM are potent enough to script the success of any business and one can only ignore it at the high price of succumbing to the competitors.

SMM and SEO gel together and complement each other. Analytics and judicious mix of the two help web optimization companies derive the maximum mileage for the benefit of the Client in fine tuning the website and creating a strong online presence.

Higher Brand Credibility
People Trust Google

Brands offer touch points that stay embedded in the user’s memory. A case in point is the brand awareness quotient of Google that is phenomenal and unmatchable. And, if surveys are anything to go by then, people are known to trust Google more than God and Governments. In view of Google’s new offering by way of ‘personalized search’, brand credibility gains an even higher prominence.

As a search engine optimization service provider we would go about establishing a strong website, social media and search engine presence as part of the strategy for higher brand credibility. Branded PPC is a hit with brand conscious Google whose algorithms scout for ‘brand signals’ that assure a fruitful user experience. Benefits are compounded when SEO branding techniques are thrown into the works.

Definite Increase in Traffic

Sustained traffic influx to a website is the dream dreamt by all businesses big or small. A drop in traffic or lack of it is an often heard complaint SEO marketing companies are bombarded with. Superior eye-catching SEO website designs, organic SEO services, articles spruced up with rich high quality content, aptly describing tags and lengthy contents are some of the exercises in this direction which allow for free and full flow of traffic to a website.

SEO Turns The Spotlight
On Your Sales Rockstar

Our website is the most ideal employee capable of multitasking, efficiently handling innumerable requests and functioning 365 x 24 x 24. Transform your website to be your Sales Superstar! An SEO company with its rich repertoire can suggest SEO tips that can be implemented to turn the spotlight on the website and give it the necessary boost in terms of marketing and ROI.

Better ROI (Return on Investment)
Than Normal Ads

SEO offers unmatched SEO techniques that surpass the traditional marketing and advertising methodologies and offers a great deal of flexibility and novelty relative to Ads that translates to higher conversion rates with PPC ads and consequent substantial increase in ROI.

Take Your Business to the Next Level

A scrupulous SEO optimization strategy can work wonders for any website and increase the traffic to such an extent so as to compel migration to a bigger web space to handle the inbound traffic. The business receives the much needed impetus and momentum that takes it to the next level of competition, sales and income.

Explore new markets

Small business SEO services is the magic wand for many new ventures and small time business enterprises who dream of making it big but are restrained by financial constraints. A successful SEO campaign can provide and create an increased demand for products, diversification and exploration of new markets in the fast growing web domain.

Achieve better conversion rates

Most Search Engine Optimization companies make traffic increase their sole focal point of all efforts. It does not however, suffice to just increase the traffic but the crux lies in achieving an optimal CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization). SEO and CRO are often confused terms which are in reality two independent entities that can be combined to work in tandem with each other to a greater advantage. Care must be taken to ensure that the conversion-optimized pages pass the acid test of Google Website Optimizer to avoid being penalized.

Bypass competition

With so many contenders in the fray, opting for SEO optimization at the earliest will help beat weak competition. Most companies spend copious amounts of money on TV commercials and less on SEO advertising with the intention of being retained in user’s memory. When this populous lot uses the search engine to get additional information it can be cashed in prudently with SEO techniques.

Open your business 24×7

A notable high-point of the best SEO is the unmanned 24 x 7 business operations throughout the year that is not subjected to the vagaries of man, machine or nature. Being the first point of contact with the customer and its easy availability and accessibility renders an SEO optimized website productive in terms of money, leads and traffic.

What Services we offer at Specbee
Blueprint for Success

A notable high-point of the best SEO is the unmanned 24 x 7 business operations throughout the year that is not subjected to the vagaries of man, machine or nature. Being the first point of contact with the customer and its easy availability and accessibility renders an SEO optimized website productive in terms of money, leads and traffic.

Search Engine Submission

Search Engine Submission is one of the constituents of the suite of SEO optimization services offered by SpecBee. Given the choice of options for web promotion, search engine submission emerges as the most preferred and effective tool. As domain competition gets increasingly aggressive, in-depth analysis and strategizing help us achieve the objective of higher site ranking and increased ROI in a short span of time.

Being a Website Optimization Company with a proven track record in search engine optimization services, two pronged site submissions to search engines is employed. While the first involves page-wise submission using webmaster tools the second is about mass submission to many search engines. Major search engines account for the maximum chunk of traffic and experience has taught us the prudence of manual submissions to these sites.

Directory Submission

Directory Submission is one of the time-tested classic SEO techniques for generating an influx of quality inbound links for a strong online presence. As an SEO services company SpecBee offers a choice of Basic, Normal and Multiple URL directory submission methods. Manual submissions are done to all the major and critical ‘Do Follow’, ‘High PR’ web directories under appropriate categories to assure high backlink volume. Products and services descriptions are optimized in addition to careful selection of keywords and scripting the right ‘Title’ with the aim of increasing website traffic. Also, while making submissions we avoid the common pitfalls of using sales jargon, creating hype, being repetitive etc which in-fact are detrimental to the aim of SEO Search Engine Optimization.

PPC Ad Campaign

Companies are constantly on the lookout for SEO tools to increase their ROI. PPC Ad Campaign is one of the cost effective search engine optimization solutions available. Succinctly put PPC Ad Campaign is all about advertising on the internet and the most preferred by search engine optimization companies for increasing profitability. It is a paid service to increase site traffic by placing ads on SERP’s.

SpecBee PPC Ad Campaigns are loaded with benefits to increase the ROI, visibility and traffic. We also use it as a testing platform for keywords prior to the final call on full-fledged optimization. The results are instantaneous and are strategized to maintain the momentum and be effective.

Community Creation in
Social Networking Sites

Social media is a hub of great activity and is fast gaining popularity with the tech savvy generation as a means for connecting, interacting, sharing and discussing. Incidentally, these sites can be used to a greater advantage of offering search engine optimization services by directing traffic to a website and generating income.

SpecBee begins its services with first establishing the need for online community. Much thought, effort and planning is put into value creation, setting realistic goals, customer retention and brand creation.


Blogging is one of the offline SEO techniques. It is a powerful way of interacting with people and updating about business services and products. If the blogs are exceptionally good with interesting content and are ranked well it can lead to increased traffic flow and higher conversion rates. Starting a conversation thread also works in favor of the business.

Forum Marketing

A Forum in simple terms is akin to any discussion platform where people meet to discuss or talk about common interests. This can be used to turn tables as an effective forum marketing strategy for generating interest about a particular product or service by adding more people in the loop. They could also be ideal places for bloggers, germination of new ideas and initiating forum threads which can metamorphose into effective SEO tools in the hands of an SEO agency.

Local Listings

A growing number of people often use internet connected devices to search for local information and shop locally. While most look to marketing their products in a larger global market it is also wise to execute the same operation locally and SEO optimize in local search engines for reaping greater benefits.

Business Reviews

All companies enjoy a good business review, but falsifying for good page ranking and increasing traffic is a strict NO with Google and will be removed. To check bad SEO practices Google insists that all reviews be first-hand accounts and discourages posted reviews. Local reviews cannot be written from the precincts of the business and also by employees.

Article Submission

SEO article submission forms an important aspect of any SEO Marketing campaign in channeling quality inbound traffic to a website. Some of the best SEO services company firmly believes in investing in quality intensive SEO articles and does a manual submission to content-centric websites, relevant blogs, select article directories and DoFollow High PR article submission sites. The key lies in writing authentic, rightly spelt, grammatically well structured content that is not run-of-the-mill!

Link Baiting

Most websites are on the look-out for linkable assets like an eBook, a tutorial or a high-following blog post as bait to attract traffic to their website. A case in point being anything that can go viral on the internet and attract a huge following. Controversy is the King! Link baits could also be great content, some breaking news, humor, whitepapers etc. The tantalizing bait will catch much fish and extend the ripple effect only if it is placed in the right place and at the right time.

Photo Sharing

After one has exhausted all the SEO tools in the hat and meanders searching for new SEO tips photo sharing emerges as an unlikely but quite a successful SEO technique. It cashes in on the innate desire of all to share photos on popular social networking sites and the power of imagery. As in all SEO mechanisms Photo sharing too involves planning and strategizing beginning at selecting the right picture, use of search engine friendly keywords in the file name, alt text or tags that are descriptive, anchor text etc.