E-commerce Enablement

E-commerce Development

Online presents the best market place for most products. At Specbee, we have enabled businesses to tap into this market by providing interactive, scalable and highly efficient B2B and B2C e-commerce platforms. The digital stores we have built for our customers have helped them create new market verticals and generate millions of dollars in revenue.

Our approach has always been to maximise your ROI on an
e-commerce platform. We do this by providing you a platform that not only meets your e-commerce requirements but also:

  • Incorporates your subscriber acquisition strategy

  • Offers a compelling user experience

  • Provides Business Intelligence to fine tune your strategy

  • Provides a seamless path to evolve your business

  • Enables Omni-channel commerce

  • Integrates with your existing systems (if necessary)

Why Specbee to enable e-commerce for you?

End to End Expertise

Specbee has built several e-commerce applications across a variety of industry verticals. We have in-house expertise on e-commerce, retail, UI/UX design, Web and Mobile Application development, Database design, CMS and Server administration - all that is needed to build a co pelling e-commerce offering.


The platforms we offer are tailored to meet your requirements and does not make assumptions about the processes you follow and the features you need. They are flexible enough to deliver not only your e-commerce requirements but enable you to put forward a unique and interactive front that enables subscriber acquisition and retention.

Scalable Architecture

Do you want to start small and then offer more products to more customers as an evolution strategy ? We have the perfect solution for you. Our platform is always designed such that you can grow seamlessly.


The platforms we build are designed to be extremely stable and reliable. The platform would be optimised for resource consumption and architected for geo-redundancy as per your needs.

Innovate approach

Our exposure to multiple industry verticals and expertise in delivering large and small e-commerce platforms puts us in a position understand your challenges and provide you with innovative solutions.

Technologies We Use