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Why Are Government Websites Shifting Over To Drupal

In today's world, most of the powerful government websites are run on Drupal CMS. With tonnes of functionalities like personalized data delivery, large data warehouses, secure transactions etc, managing these government websites is never an easy job.

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Drupal CMS For a Unique Brand Identity

I'm sure that whenever you read something about Drupal, you come across certain things, always! They range from 'You can do that with Drupal, you cannot do this with Drupal' to 'that is available on Drupal’ and ‘this is certainly not needed if you use Drupal'. But at the same time, if you have noticed carefully, it is less of ‘how in Drupal'?
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Development Of Data Driven Web Applications Made Easy With Drupal

One thing which I don't understand is that, whenever we talk about building a website or development of a web application, people immediately associate it with code. But then, it is not about just coding and hosting the app. Building a website also includes a thorough research on the community and co-designing a scalable product to compete
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CMS Comparison: The Big Three

Have you ever approached a developer, or someone just like you who is interested in creating a website, regarding the type of CMS to be used? If yes, I’m pretty sure that most of them would have talked to you about the ‘Big Three’. In the CMS world, even though there are thousands of options to choose from, most of the people consider the Big
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