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Why is Drupal the best option for your HealthCare Website?

Everybody needs HealthCare at some point of their lives. There’s a growing need for a health care system where patients (also read as Consumers) can securely log in to a portal and find out when was their last doctor’s visit, check on their lab results, schedule/re-schedule appointments, view their medical history, check on their prescriptions etc
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Drupal Theming- Things to keep in mind to DIY

So you want to build a classy – swanky new Drupal website and have already checked out hundreds of responsive themes available out there but there’s none that meet your expectations. What do you do? You develop your very own custom Drupal theme from the ground up. Creating your own theme is not as complicated as it sounds if you have a fair
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A Powerful Combination - Drupal CMS and Drupal Commerce

Don’t you just relish food that’s delectable yet healthy and guilt-free? It’s like getting the best of both worlds. Similarly, when you integrate Drupal Commerce with Drupal CMS, you get a powerful mixture of commerce and content which will help you build an engaging customer base and increase your conversion rate.
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A/B Testing your Drupal Website

I’m not often found shopping online but when I do I’m most likely going to click a button that says “BUY NOW!” rather than just a boring “BUY”. I might have my own reasons for doing so but the latter just lost a customer because of a single harmless Button! That’s the effect of user experience today. To identify what user experience works out for
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