What’s a DPO?

A DPO or a “Digital process outsourcing” company is the next step in marketing outsourcing for years to come. Unlike a traditional digital company, which delivers on a project based model, a DPO or a ‘Digital process Outsourcing’ company, delivers, business objectives from an Idea to sustained business revenues for a customer. This includes a Combination of Technology, business acumen, and, marketing, which, merges at various levels of business, to deliver outcomes. The advantage of an alignment with a digital process outsourcing company, at a primary level is related to a lower lead time from an Idea perspective to full scale business.

01.Idea to Intelligence

As a Digital process outsourcing company we align with our customers at this stage, and, talk the path of our customer to access business feasibility at two levels:

1. Business Level with respect to market readiness & growth perspectives, competitive intelligence and forecasted opportunities on market size when revenues are considered.

2. Consulting on digital channels based on the target outreach, which include demographics, sectors, industries and business functions.

From a business thought to transformation into an interface (Be it a branding material or a full scale technology based communication interface), we at Specbee understand the importance of the sync in co – relation with the specified target audience. This includes technology feasibility, branding guidelines and user experience. We understand that every channel of outreach is important for solving a business case, and, we as DPO have defined process systems to channelize delivery seamlessly.

02.Intelligence to Interface

03.Interface to Go-to-Market

“The Creator is the best seller”. Selling is an art, and it’s purely based on “Doing the right thing, at the right time, and at the right place”. We all know there is a gap! (Be it Technology or outreach). And, as a Digital process Outsourcing Company, we have a mission to walk the path of our customers, to identify what are the drawbacks in technology or what are the right programs to be delivered, across channels, and at what time? This initiative is a cyclic program to churn maximum ROI.

At this level, we create, plan and execute full scale digital tools for the outreach programs of the interfaces built. This, as we say is a cyclic process, on joint ownership to identify channels of outreach and work on the model of beacon to channelize maximum on 80:20.

04. Lead Generation to Retention.